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Nucleus colonies ($200)

Our nucleus colonies (AKA nucs) are sold on an “as needed” basis from our existing stock. Our nucleus colonies are created using a portions of already existing colonies managed by WBK. The bees are paired with queens sourced from breeders and queen producers that we use in our apiaries. If you are an experienced beekeeper, we may offer you colonies paired with locally raised queens at a discounted price. Please contact us for details.

Our nucleus colonies come in 5 frame temporary boxes. The queen, bees, and colony infrastructure come ready to transfer to your hive bodies. WBK also offers consultation and assistance with installation for an affordable price.

All orders must be made in advance unless we have a surplus on hand. 50% of the total is due upon order submission and confirmation, the other half is due upon receipt of the colony.

Full size established colonies:

Full size colonies are not always offered, so contact us for details. The size, quality of equipment, and relative age and health of the colony are all factors that determine pricing. Full sized colonies are an easier way to get started into beekeeping. We offer pickup and delivery for both nucleus colonies and full size colonies.


You can also contact us if you need help making an informed decision or have a special request!

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