Locally produced and packed

We Bee Keepin’ sources all our honey from hives we own or manage. Bees are not fed any sugar feed substitutes or nutritional supplements during periods of nectar flow. This allows for a pure honey crop with lots of natural sweetness! Our bees forage in suburban and rural areas on the flowers of North Texas. Spring nectar tends to be lighter and fruitier with a stronger “bite” while summer and autumn nectar profiles tend to be darker and more full flavored. Any of our honeys are perfect for sweetening beverages, cooking, or just eating straight from the jar when you have a sweet tooth.

We have a limited harvest each year so availability is limited. Prices are set at $1/ounce of honey (so 1 lb of honey = $16), but we are negotiable on individual bottle pricing if you prefer to buy in larger quantities (5+ jars). Pick-up or delivery are available upon request, though delivery is only recommended for larger orders as there will be a fee. Shipping is also available but since we like to sell locally shipping is a special request you will need to indicate in the form field. For pick-up you can visit us where the honey is stored in Justin, TX or arrange with us to meet somewhere in the DFW Metroplex area. See prices and fill our the contact form below to place an order and arrange for a pick-up or delivery time. We will contact you shortly to discuss details. See the contact page for direct contact information.

Bottle Availability:

1/2 lb Jars:

  • $8 - Squeeze Jar

  • $8 - Bear-Shaped Squeeze Jar

1 lb Jars:

  • $16 - Squeeze Jar

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