Hive Removal & Relocation Services


We are currently performing Live, No Kill Hive Removal services in DFW and all surrounding areas.

Hives come in many forms. We have experience performing removals in a wide variety of circumstances, from simple swarm pick-ups to complex structural infestations.  If you see a "bee line" of insects coming and going from your eaves, siding, or anywhere else on your property be sure to fill out our online form below and we will provide you a free estimate for removal and relocation of the beehive.  Our first focus is customer satisfaction. We always ensure our potential clientele are well informed to make the right decision concerning live removal, even if it isn't a decision ending with us getting the job.

Many people ask, "if bees aren't on the endangered species list, why live removal?" We only perform live, no kill removals for both ethical and practical reasons.

Bees are a huge benefit to the ecosystems they inhabit, and many other critters depend on bee colonies for survival!  To that end, bee colonies should be treated humanely when possible. Of course, the roles they play for our local environment are best served in a setting where they can be properly and responsibly managed, and that's where we come in. We relocate the colonies to a new area where they can continue to live a healthy, productive life-cycle.

A single bee colony can generate a lot of wax comb and honey, as well as developing bees. If left unmanaged, this material can and will rot within the structure, causing a multitude of other potential complications. Even with extermination of honey bees, removal of the brood and honey combs is always the right course of action. Our live removal process utilizes that brood and comb to maintain continuity and support the health of the hive in the future. Never pay for a "spray and pray" or "dust and run" job from a company who will not provide comb removal as part of the removal service.

Fill out our online form or feel free to reach out to us via our mobile phone or email and we will explain to you why We Bee Keepin' can offer you an affordable, comprehensive, and reliable bee removal service. A beehive infestation is a real and serious problem that can cause structural damage over time and risk of injury to all living in its proximity.  Please, even if it isn't us (and for your own sake), contact a professional and do not attempt to poison or remove the hive yourself.

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