Beekeeping Services


We Bee Keepin' is proud to offer a full range of beekeeping services to beekeepers and the public at large.

For new beekeepers and those interested in becoming beekeepers, we offer personal 1-on-1 learning sessions and consultation. Private lessons greatly accelerate the learning process through direct observation  and hands-on engagement under the guidance of a friendly and experienced beekeeper. We highly recommend at least one private lesson for anyone looking to learn more about honeybees and management of their colonies.

Maybe you've been beekeeping long enough to know a queen cup from burr comb, but you need a little assistance. We do that, too! Whether you need diagnosis on your failing hive, or just want a fresh set of eyes on your developing colony, we are here to help! Let us help you with that next round of splits. Need a hand with honey extraction this season? We've got you covered. No time for mite checks? No problem. Our consultation service has a solution.

We also work with experienced beekeepers and "sideliners" who need specialized service for their honeybee business needs.

From backyard hobbyists to commercial apiaries, you can rely on our skill and experience to achieve your  beekeeping goals. But, we don't stop there. We Bee Keepin' is dedicated to open and active engagement with the public in order to spread our knowledge and passion for bees. To that end, we are enthusiastic towards outreach and educational events through schools or other community organizations. We offer a fun, interactive, and highly informative experience for groups of all types.

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