We Bee Keepin' is founded on a healthy appreciation of nature and the honeybee.  After Jeremy found a bee swarm outside his workplace he began to read and ask questions.  After a few months, he was hooked on beekeeping and was soon joined by Ryan who also shared an appreciation for honeybees.  Since then, We Bee Keepin' has been constantly growing and expanding our range of services offered to the public.

Our main service is live bee removal. We believe that honeybees have been severely misunderstood and mistreated ever since large extermination companies (masquerading as "bee friendly" removal services) began their war against honeybees.  There are hundreds and likely in the thousands of beehives exterminated each year in the DFW Metroplex alone.  We think that bees should be left to the beekeepers, and since offering removal services we have proven that live removal is the ideal solution to a honeybee infestation.  Not only do we beat exterminators dollar for dollar, but we also save bee colonies and develop them away from human activity so they are not a safety liability. There they can live productive lives pollinating our local trees and flowers.

Since starting our beekeeping journey, we have begun offering consultation services for beekeepers (commercial and hobby levels).  We are active beekeepers, meaning we are constantly learning and changing our management practices to better serve bees and our environment.  We are responsible for many  new beekeepers discovering the joy of rearing honeybees, and the list grows every year! In addition to paid services, we also do free community outreach and education.  By informing the public, we can close the gap between humans and bees and restore the connection that humankind has always shared with our wonderful pollinators.

We Bee Keepin' will continue to serve and educate the community and we hope to do so in a much larger capacity as our society grows ever more aware of honeybees and their role as a keystone species in our ecosystem.